Progressive Ag Agronomy News

Corn Fungicide Benefits

Let’s talk corn diseases!  As most of you are aware, looking around in the country there are more acres planted this year of corn, compared to the last few years. The timing was right to get the corn in the ground this year and so far, we have received rain at the right time.


Protecting Your Nitrogen Applications

Summer is upon us and it is already getting HOT! Did you know that with warm temperatures and no rain, urea can lose up to 35% of it's nitrogen just 18 days after application? If nitrogen is lost in the atmosphere, it is not available for plant uptake!


Double Crop Seed Sale

Harvest is now upon us, which means we need to be thinking about double crop! We have a wide variety of seed options to fit all of your double crop needs.  As we move toward double crop planting, we are excited to announce that we have lowered the price on some of our best options.