#PACHarvest2021 Giveaway Sweepstakes

Once again, we are hosting a giveaway sweepstakes!  During this wheat harvest, we will bring supper to the field each day to a different PAC producer and their crew! 

There are three easy ways to enter:

  1. Facebook:
    1. Like/Follow @ProAgCoop
    2. Share @ProAgCoop’s Daily Contest Post, then add photos or status updates of your 2021 Wheat Harvest Experience in the comments using the hashtag #PACHarvest2021 to be entered in the drawing.
  2. Twitter:
    1. Follow @ProAgCoop
    2. Tag @ProAgCoop in your Photos or Status Updates of your 2021 Wheat Harvest Experience and be sure to use the hashtag #PACHarvest2021
  3. Website:
    1. Fill out this form using the link below to enter, if social media is not for you.

Enter to Win

No single method provides any advantage over the others.  Be sure to post daily.  The more people on your crew who like, share, and post, the better your odds!  

Winners will be drawn each morning.  We'll contact winners with a few simple questions:

  1. The name of the Progressive Ag Coop producer you are representing.
  2. Which of our elevators are you currently hauling to?
  3. How big is your crew?

Later that day, we'll contact you again to find out where your crew would like dinner delivered. 

That is it.  We'll bring the food, plates, etc. and come break bread with you and your crew.  While we're there, we'll visit about what we can do to help make your harvest experience better with Progressive Ag Coop. 

We look forward to seeing your photos and updates on how your #PACHarvest2021 experience is going.  While you’re at it, show some love to the staff of your favorite elevator using these hashtags as well!

  • #PACAlbin
  • #PACArgonia
  • #PACBluffCity
  • #PACDanville
  • #PACMayfield
  • #PACMetcalf
  • #PACNewport
  • #PACNewHaven
  • #PACOxford
  • #PACRome
  • #PACWellington

Disclaimer: Winner must represent a producer who is actively delivering grain to a Progressive Ag Coop location.  A new winner is chosen, at random, each day.  Each producer may win only one time.  Due to Facebook privacy, hashtag posts not made in the comments of a Progressive Ag Coop post cannot be counted or viewed by Progressive Ag Coop and thus cannot be considered as valid entries.  Multiple entries per day are allowed and encouraged.  Winning producer and crew will be asked for a photo and or video opportunity which may be used by Progressive Ag Coop for the purpose of digital marketing including, but not limited to website, social media, or printed media.